100 Years of Votes For Women
19th February 2018
Rosie Woodbridge
100 years ago this month, the Great War was still raging in Britain. Yet amidst the conflict and tragedy, another story was unfolding.
Longing For Home
22nd January 2018
Cale Caldwell
Home, at the very least, is a place.
16th November 2017
Jessamin Birdsall
Just over one year ago, 81% of white Evangelical voters in the United States cast their vote for Donald Trump.
13th November 2017
Rosie Woodbridge
“How Great is our God!”: a song some of us may be familiar with singing, but how much as Christians do we really consider God’s greatness?
50 Years of the Abortion Act
30th October 2017
Jonno Saunders
Last Friday (27th November) marked the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act. Since the Act passed in 1967, abortion has become the leading cause of death in Britain.
Cross in a field
12th July 2017
Rosie Woodbridge
Love Happens Here: A Christian's take on London Pride Last weekend, thousands of people joined together in solidarity to celebrate and fight for equality for the LGBT+ community - declaring that 'Love Happens Here'. Love is at the very heart of the Christian faith. How does it inform a response to London Pride? 
3rd July 2017
Tom Woodbridge
September 2017 saw my wife and I move to the ‘big smoke’ to start a new role with Inspire London, building a student ministry from scratch in a central London context.
Wonder Woman with sword
6th June 2017
Mark Jackson
Whilst there is never a quick or easy answer to the problem of evil, I was pleasantly surprised to see the issue thoughtfully addressed in the latest summer blockbuster movie, Wonder Woman, directe
Romans 1:17
24th May 2017
Rosie Woodbridge
As a student worker in London, it strikes me that the events of the Reformation have immense value for life today, particularly focusing on female students. The Reformers rediscovered the most precious Biblical truths of the salvation which Jesus offers: by grace alone, through faith alone. Today, as then, this changes everything.
9th March 2017
Mark Jackson, Pete Nicholas
One of the exciting parts of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is becoming more and more the person he longs you to be.
15th December 2016
Pete Nicholas, Mark Jackson
1. Why are we moving?2. When are we moving?3. Will it make it harder to reach the local community?4. Is it difficult to find?5. How long does it take to get there from the tube?
18th November 2016
Pete Nicholas, Mark Jackson
Inspire London Church is planning to plant a second congregation, God-willing launching in September 2017.
24th September 2016
Pete Nicholas
Why we need to celebrate Harvest Festival - and why at Inspire we have probably been making a mistake in not doing so!
22nd August 2016
Pete Nicholas
The missionary organisation Operation World reports that the church in Iran is the fastest-growing in the world (19.6% growth per annum).
Snow covered mountain
11th August 2016
Pete Nicholas
One of the privileges of being at the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Jakarta is to be reminded that God is at work throughout the world through the global church.
Fraid rope
18th September 2015
Joanna Jackson
Being willingly weak is no easy call. Let’s be honest, we often spend much of our time trying to prove our worth – to ourselves, to others, even to God.
Fraid rope
15th September 2015
Joanna Jackson
When someone in church asks: “How are you?” what’s your response?
Open book with fairy dust coming out
14th April 2015
Pete Nicholas
Last Christmas the American Atheist group had a billboard campaign in several Southern States in the US reading:
3rd November 2014
Pete Nicholas
Recently in many parts of the church there has been an ongoing discussion about whether or not the church should remain focused only on gospel witness or whether it should also be focused on social