March 2017
Date Series
26th The first cityOriginsGenesis 4:17-26Mark Jackson
19th Cain and AbelOriginsGenesis 4:1-16Sam Gibb
12th The fallOriginsGenesis 3:1-24Pete Nicholas
5th Humanity’s beginningOriginsGenesis 2:4-25Mark Jackson
February 2017
Date Series
26th RestOriginsGenesis 2:1-3Pete Nicholas
19th The image of GodOriginsGenesis 1:26-31Tom Woodbridge
12th In the beginningOriginsGenesis 1:1-25Mark Jackson
5th Ask GoogleGuest ServicePete Nicholas
January 2017
Date Series
29th Ask GoogleGuest Service1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Mark Jackson
22nd What do we value? Cultural ConnectionWhat do we value?Romans 12:1-2Pete Nicholas
15th What do we value? Engaging the HeartWhat do we value?Ephesians 4:17-24Mark Jackson
8th What do we value? Biblical PreachingWhat do we value?2 Timothy 4:1-5Pete Nicholas
December 2016
Date Series
18th History Folded in Two God Has ComeHistory Folded in TwoLuke 1:57-80Mark Jackson
11th History Folded in Two From Now OnHistory Folded in TwoLuke 1:39-56Pete Nicholas
4th History Folded in Two The Virgin BirthHistory Folded in TwoLuke 1:26-38Mark Jackson
November 2016
Date Series
27th History Folded in Two Getting PreparedHistory Folded in TwoLuke 1:1-25Pete Nicholas
20th Lifted UpLife!John 12:20-50Pete Nicholas
13th Filled with FragranceLife!John 12:1-19Mark Jackson
6th The ResurrectionLife!John 11:1-25Mark Jackson
October 2016
Date Series
30th The Good ShepherdLife!John 10:1-50Pete Nicholas