July 2016
Date Series
17th Blindness of PrideThe Wisdom of GodProverbs 6:16-19Pete Nicholas
10th The Intoxication of BeautyThe Wisdom of GodProverbs 5:1-23Mark Jackson
3rd Licensing ServiceLicensingPsalms 1:1-6Hugh Palmer
June 2016
Date Series
26th The Way of WisdomThe Wisdom of GodProverbs 8:1-36Pete Nicholas
19th The Nature of WisdomThe Wisdom of GodProverbs 1:1-7Mark Jackson
12th His Promise of a Servant KingGod's Precious PromisesIsaiah 9:1-7Pete Nicholas
5th His Promise of an Eternal RulerGod's Precious PromisesDaniel 7:1-28Mark Jackson
May 2016
Date Series
29th His Promise of a ShepherdGod's Precious PromisesEzekiel 34:1-31Mark Jackson
22nd His Promise of a New HeartGod's Precious PromisesJeremiah 31:31-37Santosh Thomas
15th His Promise of a Divine LoverGod's Precious PromisesHosea 2:1-5Pete Nicholas
8th Marriage and ChristLife and LibertyGenesis 2:15-25Mark Jackson
1st Dating and ChurchLife and LibertyGenesis 2:15-25Mark Jackson
April 2016
Date Series
24th Singleness and BibleLife and LibertyGenesis 2:18-25Mark Jackson
17th Sex and CultureLife and LibertyGenesis 2:15-25Pete Nicholas
10th The Original Church - Part 2The Speech that Shook the WorldPsalms 96:1-13Pete Nicholas
3rd The Original Church - Part 1The Speech that Shook the WorldDeuteronomy 6:1-9Mark Jackson
March 2016
Date Series
27th Raised to LifeThe Speech that Shook the WorldPsalms 110:1-7Pete Nicholas
20th Both Lord and MessiahThe Speech that Shook the WorldPsalms 110:1-7Mark Jackson
13th God's PlanThe Speech that Shook the WorldPsalms 16:1-11Pete Nicholas
6th The Last DaysThe Speech that Shook the WorldJoel 2:28-32Mark Jackson