January 2015
Date Series
4th A Healthy SoulSoul DetoxGenesis 12:1-3Pete Nicholas
December 2014
Date Series
28th My Father's HouseChristmasLuke 2:41-52Santosh Thomas
21st A Light for AllChristmasLuke 2:22-40Pete Nicholas
7th Hungry?Life!John 6:1-15David Jackman
November 2014
Date Series
30th Sick?Life!John 5:1-29Pete Nicholas
23rd ThirstyLife!John 4:1-26Mark Jackson
16th The Wind BlowsLife!John 3:1-21Pete Nicholas
9th IdentityGuest ServiceLuke 9:18-27Mark Jackson
2nd Tables OverturnedLife!John 2:12-25Pete Nicholas
October 2014
Date Series
26th Fine DiningLife!John 2:1-11Mark Jackson
19th Straight PathsLife!John 1:19-51Pete Nicholas
12th Light and DarkLife!John 1:1-18Mark Jackson
5th How Good Is Good Enough?Guest ServiceLuke 18:9-14Santosh Thomas
September 2014
Date Series
28th The Perfect CityWelcome to the CityEzekiel 43:1-12Pete Nicholas
21st The Peace of the CityWelcome to the CityJeremiah 29:1-14Pete Nicholas
14th The Fallen CityWelcome to the CityGenesis 11:1-9Pete Nicholas
7th The First CityWelcome to the CityGenesis 4:16-26Pete Nicholas
August 2014
Date Series
31st Glorious PeopleSongs for the SummerPsalms 8:1-9Sam Gibb
24th Peaceful PeopleSongs for the SummerPsalms 4:1-8Andy Hood
17th Secure PeopleSongs for the SummerPsalms 2:1-12Pete Nicholas