May 2015
Date Series
31st A cell window with bars and light streaming through First Things FirstThe Mindset of JoyPhilippians 1:1-26Mark Jackson
24th The Sun Will RisePurified by FireMalachi 3:13-4:6Pete Nicholas
17th Return to mePurified by FireMalachi 3:6-12Pete Nicholas
10th Is the Point of Life Pursuing Pleasure and Avoiding Pain?Guest ServiceJohn 4:1-29Pete Nicholas
3rd Wearied by wordsPurified by FireMalachi 2:17-3:5Mark Jackson
April 2015
Date Series
26th Breaking your vowPurified by FireMalachi 2:10-16Mark Jackson
12th How have you loved us?Purified by FireMalachi 1:1-5Mark Jackson
5th Jesus carrying the cross A New DawnThe Road to the CrossPsalms 16:1-11Pete Nicholas
March 2015
Date Series
29th Jesus carrying the cross Darkness DescendsThe Road to the CrossPsalms 22:1-18Mark Jackson
22nd Jesus carrying the cross A Tree without FruitThe Road to the CrossZechariah 9:9-13Pete Nicholas
15th Jesus carrying the cross True GreatnessThe Road to the CrossDaniel 7:9-14Pete Nicholas
8th Jesus carrying the cross The Power and the GloryThe Road to the CrossExodus 24:12-28Mark Jackson
1st Role ReversalFor Such a Time as ThisEsther 9:1-10:3Mark Jackson
February 2015
Date Series
22nd The King's CommandFor Such a Time as ThisEsther 8:1-17Santosh Thomas
15th Where is God in Suffering and Death?Guest ServiceJohn 11:17-44Mark Jackson
8th Hanged by Your Own RopeFor Such a Time as ThisEsther 5:1-8Pete Nicholas
1st Pride Before the FallFor Such a Time as ThisEsther 3:1-4:17Pete Nicholas
January 2015
Date Series
25th Where the Power Really LiesFor Such a Time as ThisEsther 1:1-2:23Mark Jackson
18th Partnership SundayPartnership SundaysPhilippians 1:3-18Mark Jackson
11th A Joyful SoulSoul DetoxPhilippians 4:4-9Pete Nicholas