November 2017
Date Title
26th Jesus' PrayerLife!John 17:1-26Pete Nicholas
October 2017
Date Title
8th Washed & Betrayed Life!John 13:1-35Pete Nicholas
August 2017
Date Title
13th Measuring upThe God Who RoarsAmos 7:1-17Andy Hood
July 2017
Date Title
30th All AgeGuest ServiceLuke 15:11-32Andy Hood
May 2017
Date Title
14th The Gospel from Start to FinishLife and LibertyGalatians 3:1-14Mark Jackson
7th Living out the GospelLife and LibertyGalatians 2:11-21Mark Jackson
April 2017
Date Title
2nd Jesus’ TrialPassionMatthew 27:11-26Pete Nicholas
November 2016
Date Title
13th Filled with FragranceLife!John 12:1-19Mark Jackson
October 2016
Date Title
30th The Good ShepherdLife!John 10:1-50, Ezekiel 34:1-16Pete Nicholas
May 2016
Date Title
29th His Promise of a ShepherdGod's Precious PromisesEzekiel 34:1-31, John 10:1-21Mark Jackson
March 2016
Date Title
27th Raised to LifeThe Speech that Shook the WorldPsalms 110:1-7, Acts 2:29-41Pete Nicholas
13th God's PlanThe Speech that Shook the WorldPsalms 16:1-11, Acts 2:22-28Pete Nicholas
February 2016
Date Title
7th My EnemyThe Faith of the Few1 Kings 21:1-29Mark Jackson
January 2016
Date Title
31st No LimitsThe Faith of the Few1 Kings 20:1-43, 2 Peter 3:3-9Mark Jackson
October 2015
Date Title
18th Evidence: Why doesn't God make himself more obvious?If I could ask God one question...John 1:1-18Mark Jackson
July 2015
Date Title
5th The Lord's PrayerPrayerMatthew 6:9-13Mark Jackson
March 2015
Date Title
29th Darkness DescendsThe Road to the CrossPsalms 22:1-18, Mark 15:16-41Mark Jackson
22nd A Tree without FruitThe Road to the CrossZechariah 9:9-13, Zechariah 10:1-5, Mark 11:1-25Pete Nicholas
15th True GreatnessThe Road to the CrossDaniel 7:9-14, Mark 10:32-45Pete Nicholas
1st Role ReversalFor Such a Time as ThisEsther 9:1-10:3Mark Jackson
February 2015
Date Title
15th Where is God in Suffering and Death?Guest ServiceJohn 11:17-44Mark Jackson