November 2017
Date Title
19th Sorrow to JoyLife!John 16:12-33Mark Jackson
5th The Vine Life!John 15:1-27Mark Jackson
October 2017
Date Title
8th Washed & Betrayed Life!John 13:1-35Pete Nicholas
July 2017
Date Title
30th All AgeGuest ServiceLuke 15:11-32Andy Hood
March 2017
Date Title
5th Humanity’s beginningOriginsGenesis 2:4-25Mark Jackson
February 2017
Date Title
5th Ask GoogleGuest ServicePete Nicholas
November 2016
Date Title
13th Filled with FragranceLife!John 12:1-19Mark Jackson
6th The ResurrectionLife!John 11:1-25Mark Jackson
October 2016
Date Title
23rd How do I have a life that truly satisfies?Guest ServiceJohn 6:27-35Mark Jackson
August 2016
Date Title
14th Living in the LightGod's New SocietyEphesians 5:1-20Robbie Strachan
7th Being Made NewGod's New SocietyEphesians 4:17-5:2Andy Hood
July 2016
Date Title
10th The Intoxication of BeautyThe Wisdom of GodProverbs 5:1-23, Hebrews 13:1-4Mark Jackson
May 2016
Date Title
29th His Promise of a ShepherdGod's Precious PromisesEzekiel 34:1-31, John 10:1-21Mark Jackson
15th His Promise of a Divine LoverGod's Precious PromisesHosea 2:1-5, Hosea 2:14-23, John 2:1-11Pete Nicholas
8th Marriage and ChristLife and LibertyGenesis 2:15-25, Ephesians 5:21-33Mark Jackson
April 2016
Date Title
17th Sex and CultureLife and LibertyGenesis 2:15-25, Ephesians 5:1-10Pete Nicholas
3rd The Original Church - Part 1The Speech that Shook the WorldDeuteronomy 6:1-9, Acts 2:42-47Mark Jackson
January 2016
Date Title
3rd Training Yourself For GodlinessTraining Yourself For Godliness1 Timothy 4:7-8Pete Nicholas
November 2015
Date Title
22nd A Mystery GraspedGod's New SocietyPsalms 107:1-22, Psalms 107:43, Ephesians 3:14-21Pete Nicholas
1st Suffering: Why is there so much suffering in the world?If I could ask God one question...Genesis 3:17-24, John 11:17-44Pete Nicholas
September 2015
Date Title
27th A Blessed SocietyGod's New SocietyEphesians 1:1-14Mark Jackson
August 2015
Date Title
16th Standing FirmThe Model ChurchActs 17:1-13Mark Jackson
June 2015
Date Title
21st Looking out for Number TwoThe Mindset of JoyNumbers 28:1-7, Philippians 2:19-30Pete Nicholas
April 2015
Date Title
12th How have you loved us?Purified by FireMalachi 1:1-5, Romans 9:1-13Mark Jackson